Terms Of Service

Payment Information

After a finalized consultation with a client, we will start work on their project. Depending on the complexity and amount of work required, we reserve the right to request a down payment.

Once a project has been completed, it will not be available to the client until we receive the full amount agreed upon in our original consultation. After full payment, the client will then receive a digital copy of everything.

Site Maintenance

The dollar amount for maintaining a completed project is dependent upon the type of work required. We can make minor changes for a nominal fee, but it is best to contact us first if there is any uncertainty.

It is a rare occurrence, but if you find a bug in your web site or discrepancy with another project that hasn't already been discussed, please let us know and we'll fix it as soon as we possibly can.

Other Service Providers

Our clients are responsible for maintaining the relationships with their outside service providers (including domain registrars, web hosts, email providers, etc...). We are not liable for any lost information (including website files, email messages, etc...) or downtime from any other company.

Opt-Out Policy

If you are ever unhappy with any aspect of your design project and do not wish to use our services any longer, please let us know and we will subtract 50% off the final price. In the event this occurs, all unpaid debts must be taken care of before we can give you a copy of our work on a Compact Disc or in an email.