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Our Services

Focused On Your Business

Our team is able to promote and maintain any kind of small business on the Internet and provide a multifaceted, exciting user experience. We apply our knowledge of web and graphic design to tailor-make fully functionable websites for our clients, no matter what type of business they run.

Specialized Skills

We are proficient in many areas; including websites, branding, graphics, SEO, analytics, photography and much more...

Web Development »

Customization Is Key

Our web division builds every single website completely from scratch. We also offer "droplets" (listed below), which are extra features that can be added on your website for increased functionality. They can be tailored to your own needs and styled to blend in seamlessly.

  • Integrated Blog/Feed - Integrate an existing blog or news feed into your website.
  • Enhanced Anti-Spam Contact Form - Built with JavaScript and powered by Misk.
  • Modal Windows - Display anything (pictures, flash, videos, etc...) in an animated pop-up window.
  • Google Maps (Location) - Includes a "directions" link and visual overlay controls.
  • Google Calendar Interface - Let your visitors check your schedule(s) and/or events.
  • Other Customizations - We'll collaberate with you to create something truly unique for your site.

Prices will vary. Please contact us to get a quote and find out more.

Coding With Best Practices

We carefully hand-code our design projects with the following languages:

  • (X)HTML - (eXtensible) Hypertext Markup Language
  • HTML 5 - Hypertext Markup Language (Revision 5)
  • CSS 3 - Cascading Style Sheets (Revision 3)
  • JavaScript - Used for custom applications.
  • AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • jQuery - We utilize the latest libraries to inject plugins and manifest visual effects.

By using these languages and good coding practices, we're able to offer these benefits:

  • Separation of actual content from presentation.
  • Decreased load times for all pages.
  • Decreased file sizes and bandwidth usage.
  • Accessibility across all modern web browsers.
  • Overall cleanliness and semantically correct markup.

Graphic Design »

Logo & Banner Design

Need an idea for a business card logo or company branding? Our graphics division can help you create a memorable image for your company in no time at all. We can also implement your existing logo in a multitude of ways; including flyers, brochures, custom letterhead, etc...

$30/hour  »  Standard rate.

Custom Button Design

Let us create a beautiful set of buttons for your own website or blog:

  • We're able to carefully match the look and feel of your site with your button set.
  • Buttons can be integrated into your site either in a static fashion or animated (we simply need access to your FTP account).
  • Flash Buttons are also available... as individual items or as part of a layout.

$30/hour  »  Standard rate.

Custom coding associated with button integration inherits an additional charge.

Digital Photography Services

  • Cropping, resizing and formatting your pictures to accommodate any size that you require... from wallet to poster size.
  • Retouching important photographs for use in albums, advertising, slide shows and more!
  • Likwid Time Machine™ turns those old photos into modern works of art by utilizing full color upgrades and grain reduction.
  • Turn that box of slides in your attic into digital prints with all the above services included. Make some new memories!

Prices will vary. Please contact us to get a quote and find out more.

Flash Animation »

Make Your Website Move

Although we specialize in designing static websites, our flash division can provide animated and dynamic-looking content that gets your visitors involved and keeps them coming back for more!

We offer a full sprectrum of flash design services:

  • Animations (any size) - Single file animations embedded into your site that can really make your services or products stand out.
  • Website Introductions - Great ways to say "hello" to all of your new visitors. First impressions count online too.
  • Full Website Creation - Fully functional multiple and single page user interfaces that enable your visitors to interact with your site.

Starting at $75/animation  »  Price depends on size and other factors.

Please contact us for more information.

SEO Management »

Search Engine Optimization

Having a domain name and a website just isn't enough these days. It's important for businesses to be listed and noticeable in all of the top search engines so people can find them easily. If you're already online but need help with getting yourself recognized, check out what we offer:

  • META Tag development and implementation - Optimizes site visibility.
  • Site submission to the top 4 search engines - Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask.
  • Site addition to our Google Webmaster Tools account - Monitors search trends.
  • Custom Google Analytics Reports - 1 report per month / 1 year service.
  • Sitemap development and submission to Google - Can improve search ranking.
  • Google Local Business Listing - More info about your business in Google Search.

$100  »  Stand-alone SEO service plan.

Included for free with any website design project (contact us).